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Kosher Certificate

Kosher Certificate

Kosher is a set of biblical dietary guidelines followed by people of the Jewish faith, Moslems and other Christian groups.

The term kosher means "clean, fit or proper". The purpose of these rituals was to assure safe and sanitary meats during Biblical times. These rituals were so effective and highly regarded that they are still followed today, thousands of years later. The exacting attention to preparation and unmatched flavor explains why over two thirds of all kosher products are bought for their superior quality and excellent taste, not just for religious reasons.

As it says in the German, Man ist was man isst! Man is what man eats. The word kosher is familiar and, at the same time, foreign. One may think of strict rules and religious regulations. In Hebrew, “Kashrus,” from the root kosher (or “kasher”), means suitable and/or “pure”, thus ensuring fitness for consumption. The laws of “Kashrus” include a comprehensive legislation concerning permitted and forbidden foods. There are several aspects to these dietary rules. We will consider each aspect in turn.

Keeping kosher is one of the basic tenets of Judaism. The Jewish dietary laws of kashrut are derived from several Torah prohibitions regarding foods that are or are not permissible to eat.

In today's world of prepared foods, ingredients and processing methods are often unclear. For those interested in buying kosher products, it is helpful to have a rabbi who is knowledgeable about Jewish Dietary Laws examine the food to make sure it is kosher. The process of kosher certification assists kosher consumers by differentiating between kosher and non-kosher items.

To be certified kosher, even the individual ingredients must meet these Jewish Dietary Laws. For example, a cake that includes a food colouring made from shellfish will immediately be non-kosher.

Identifying kosher food is not easy for customers, so it is better to go for kosher certified food. We at De System arrange kosher certificate for different industries.

There are essentially three steps to the Kosher certification process

  • The manufacturer is provided with a certification checklist that needs to be completed. This provides Kosher Australia with key information for subsequent audits and also flags any area that can be resolved beforehand. The information in the checklist also assists in positioning the product with consumers and other manufacturers once it has been Kosher certified.
  • A preliminary site audit.
  • Based upon the data from the checklist and the audit, the Rabbinic Board determines the conditions for certification. Once the manufacturer implements any requested changes, they sign a formal service level agreement with Kosher Australia. This authorises the manufacturer to use our logo and their products are would included the various food guides that Kosher Australia issues for local and international use for both consumers and food services.

We will take the pressure off you and incorporate precise standards that are easy to follow and maintain. Guide you every step of the way through all the requirements. Ensure that you pass your government standard criteria.